At Nightingale Consulting we support current and future Adult Foster Care Home providers in Oregon by offering Nursing consultation, guidance, advice, and management related to various practices that will ensure resident safety while meeting regulatory requirements. 

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Consulting Services

We are expert in Nursing and can offer guidance to you in how to manage challenging resident needs related to illnesses and/or clinical situations.

We can assist you with contacting the resident's physician, taking orders, supporting you in carrying out those orders, and/or referring you to sources who can assist you.

Medication Management

We have over 40 years experience in proper medication management.  We can teach you everything you need to know  about safe medication practices, help you develop and maintain Medication Administration Records (MARs), and ensure your scheduled and prn medications are documented and managed appropriately.

Nursing Delegations

We are well experienced in providing caregivers with the education and support necessary to safely perform Nursing procedures under the rules of "delegation".  We will not only educate staff, but will demonstrate the practice, observe their ability to perform the practice, and manage timely re-review and documentation.

We are happy to keep your delegation records on a web based system for you and maintain periodic required visits and sign-offs for caregivers' procedures as required.

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Experience That Makes A Difference!

Years of Experience as an RN in Oregon


Years of Experience with Medication Management and Nursing Procedures


Years in Nursing Leadership and Consulting


Number of Regulatory Surveys Passed with No Citations or Contingencies


With over 40 years of experience as an RN, most of which was in a critical care setting, Valli Brunken, our Owner and Principal Consultant, knows all you'll need to know about the health and clinical aspects of Adult Foster Home Care, and if she doesn't she will get answers for you quickly from reputable sources. She has a reputation for honest and straightforward communication, thorough assessment skills, excellent surveillance skills and the ability to hone in on what is needed to make your Adult Foster Care Home Nursing tasks and procedures flawless, keeping residents safe and continuously maintaining readiness for state and county surveys. She is an excellent leader, teacher, coach, mentor, and is skilled in keeping administrative records for you, with easy web access, if you so choose.

She has not only cared for elderly, disabled, and incredibly sick and injured patients, but she has cared for family members who have been very ill and have chosen to live at home as long as possible.  These experiences have shaped her philosophy into one of patients or residents being actively involved in their care whenever possible, supporting their autonomy, while at the same time providing services that support their caregivers in a meaningful way.


"[She] did an excellent job of communicating working with physicians, senior hospital leadership, nursing, department heads and information technology.  Valli was constantly praised for her thoroughness...and ability to react quickly to change.  Valli was a great asset to [our firm} and my staff."

Dennis Belter, CIO
ACS Healthcare Solutions (now Xerox)
Detroit, MI

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